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Ruby is her name, oh! Review by Kate
We learned a few things on VT's Long Trail. Make sure too pack her tight or she sags uncomfortably even with the internal frame. I will be testing her to see if I really need the frame with what I carry on trail.
I am only 5'9" but long waisted. The measurements had me in a long & 65L which worked out good for me.
I sort of beat up her bottom because I was on my bottom both intentially and unintentially on the trail. I have to do some minor repairs there but otherwise she held up well.
Sometimes the shoulder straps felt too close to my neck but then we would find that sweet spot and all was good. My only complaint, because I am a basically a lazy person, is the 4 clips to open/close her. (Posted on 9/27/2018)
Very comfortable and well designed pack Review by Notebender
I'm a peak bagger and camper who frequents the San Gabriel, San Jacinto and San Bernardino mountains.
I purchased this pack in the Moonmist/Cactus color. Following Granite Gear's sizing recommendations I got the regular size for my 5'10" 195 lb frame. The sizes are spot on as the pack fit me perfectly.

I used this bag today to hike Ontario Peak (14 miles RT). I loaded it with my 15.53# base load and a day's worth of food and 3 liters of water. Say 25 to 26 pounds tops. After initial adjustments during the first mile or two I was able to dial it in where it's comfortable to me. I felt that the padding and suspension, though very minimal, did not compromise on comfort.

I carried the pack for a good 9 hours and never felt any discomfort that I can allude to the pack's design. After my hike I went over the pack and didn't notice any wear or tears on the lightweight materials. This is a good quality pack.

If I can fault the pack for anything it is that it lacks hip pockets. Fortunately I have a few pouches with MOLLE style attachments that fit perfectly on the VC 60's hip belt. I didn't miss not having any other pockets. All the necessities I needed to keep close fit in the three external mesh pockets. I even stuffed a bottle of water in one of them and a full roll of TP in the other. Everything else goes in the pack. The top compression straps too are handy for a bear canister.

Overall I am very satisfied with this pack. It's light, carries well and very affordable. Good job GG. (Posted on 8/15/2018)
Best pack I own! Review by shiltzy00
This pack is by far the best one I've used. It fits me very well and the hip belt stays tight. I was very impressed with the weight at 2lbs 4oz it is very light weight. I owned a Gregory baltoro 75 with all the bells and whistles, compartments, multiple places to put stuff etc. As my experience grew with backpacking I realized simple is better and more importantly, lighter!! My only gripe and it's not a deal breaker is the lid is sold separately. not a big deal but the extra space is nice on longer trips. I've grown to love granite gear. They take care of their customers, you always talk to a human when calling and they stand by their products! I would recommend granite gear to anyone!!! (Posted on 3/3/2017)
Simple, Functional, Affordable. Review by Chris
I was first introduced to the ultralight pack concept when my climbing buddy threw me his empty ULA Circuit and it seemingly weighed nothing - especially in comparison to my Deuter pack - it was a revelation! That was on a Sierra trip, when I returned home I started surfing the web for ultralight packs, there are a number of them out there but the Granite Gear pack stood out for its simplicity, functionality and affordability - plus it cost and weighed less and had more capacity than the ULA Circuit..

I've been climbing and backpacking the Sierra for 35 years - so I do have some experience, and know what I want in a pack - this one, despite being light and simple has everything I need.

I aim for 25 pounds fully loaded when I'm doing a three-day back-pack and summit climb - I try to camp between 10500' and 11500'. usually hike up to about 8 miles to camp. I've done some through hiking too, up to 18 miles a day in the high country.

I just got back from my first trip with the Crown 60 VC, I'm 6ft 180 pounds and bought the L with the L belt. The fit was flawless, giving me a nice gap above the shoulder straps and most of the weight on the hips. I also fitted the Airbeam, mainly because it weighed less than the sheet.

Inside the pack I had:
Sleeping bag and clothes, (including a lightweight down jacket)
Summit pack (OR Isolation)
Stove and fuel (MSR Reactor)
Pad (Nemo Zor small)
Tent (NF Mica FL2)
Water Filter (Steripen)
Food in Ursack
Other small things like cup, headlamp, personal stuff.

Outside the pack I had:
Tent poles (in stretch back panel)
First aid and toilet wipes (side pockets)
Ridgerest (mounted vertically on the back panel with the LineLocs)

I also fitted a nice little elasticated strap from an old alpine pack into the grommeted hole so i can carry an ice axe - not needed until Spring.

I fitted an OR Bottle Tote on the belt, for a 1 liter Nalgene bottle, plus I carry a small fanny pack with my camera, snacks, and sunscreen.

All this packed up nice and tidy with room to spare. The pack fit perfectly, and carried very well, felt well-connected and soon I forgot I was carrying it.

I like this pack a lot, and look forward to using it the future - I highly recommend it to anyone considering the ultra-light approach.
(Posted on 9/19/2016)
Great bag! Review by Younts Peak
I am 6'2", 210 lbs, and have the L, 34-38. At first I thought the shoulder straps might be too close together and the waist belt (roughly one inch) too narrow, but in two backpacking trips in YNP and the Washakie and Teton Wildernesses this summer these concerns proved not to be a problem. My pack weight was 30 lbs or less both times. The pack was comfortable and I love its simplicity. Originally, I wanted to get the Blaze, but it wasn't as comfortable. My wife, on the other hand, wanted to get the Crown VC 60, but the Blaze fit her better. So, I got the slightly lighter pack. Both of us are totally satisfied with our respective selections. No problems despite some very rough use. (Posted on 8/7/2016)
Very good pack. even better than the Vapor Trail Review by one sock
This pack is the new Vapor Trail. I loved my Vapor Trail to death. It finally fell apart after years of heavy use during a through hike attempt of the AT. The Crown has some improvements over the Vapor Trail. It has a haul strap. I like the roll top. It's makes loading the pack easier. It also has two small straps that allows holding items across the top of the pack. (Posted on 8/14/2015)
The Crown VC 60 is the best pack design ever! Review by Christian Paul Photography
I really have been trying to get my weight down in my pack for years. I have a few friends who go UL and they always amaze me at how light they go. Upon receiving my Crown VC 60, I proceeded to do some test loading, and was in amazement on how light the load test was. Then it came to the field test. The Crown VC 60 is amazing! I was just under 25 lbs on the way in. We did a trek into Toomset Lake in the High Uinta Wilderness over the weekend. 5.25 miles, and 1400 ft of elevation to boot in just over 2 hours and some change. The up from Amethyst Junction is really steep, and we knocked that out in about 30 min. This pack for its weight has the largest chamber for gear I have ever seen! It holds everything you need and packs so easily. No tricky stuffing or anything like that. It felt like a really heavy day pack when finally loaded. Easy to carry, and was not hard at obstacles or water crossing. It was easy to balance on a log we had to do via headlamp to get to our spot.

Unlike anything in backpacking I have every carried as photographer. The stretchy pockets are deep and plush and hold a lot more than you would believe. I was able to carry my camera and tripod. Anyone who has ever wanted to get into the UL category like I have been working towards should get this pack! And the price on this bag compared to the other UL bags out there is the best price for size and volume you are going to find.

Here is the break down that went in my bag over the weekend:

Tripod- 1.9
Pack- 2.2
Sleeping Gear-3.8
Shelter- 2.6
Cooking Gear- 1.2
Grooming(First Aid, TP, Clothing)- 3.7
Food- 2
Camera & Fly Rod- 2.8
LUCI Solar Lantern, Goal Zero Speakers- 1
Flask of Pendleton Whiskey- .8
Water- 1
Final weight on the way in was 24 lbs, 21.2 lbs on the way out. Incredible!

Thank you so much for the amazing pack! This photographer give this pack an A+. This is now my new pack. I could not imagine going on walkabout with anything else after using this pack. This pack is a game changer. I can now travel so much farther out there with less fatigue. I have not been this stoked on a piece of gear in years. Thank you- I expect with all the pics I have shared on Social Media that you are gonna see some pack sales rise sharply. Rightfully so! This pack is worth every penny! I look forward to more amazing adventures using it! (Posted on 8/3/2015)
Nice, better with some changes Review by thedeer
This pack is solid and functional. I'd like to see one important improvement and a few small improvements that would make it great.

The important improvement:

The plastic framesheet bends in a way that makes the hipbelt move away from the body at the top. This makes the pack start being uncomfortable around 30 pounds and up. Another aspect of pack design also causes this, mentioned below. Using an Airbeam helps a little, but not enough.

The Airbeam does make a more comfortable ride on the back. As for taking the Granite Gear Crown VC 60 up to 40 pounds max, I found the limit to be the pack design around the hip belt no matter what I did with the plastic framesheet or Airbeam, including folding the Airbeam to make the lower back of the hip conform to the body better. The problem is that the pack design moves the hipbelt away from the body at the top of the belt because of the shape of the slot the hipbelt fits into. This means that the hipbelt isn't conforming to the body at the top of the belt, so the weight on the belt is being distributed to the bottom of the hipbelt instead of over the whole area of the hipbelt from top to bottom. This makes a large difference in discomfort under heavier loads. Folding the Airbeam to not fill the area from the top of the hipbelt and below helped considerably for conformance of the belt and pack to the body when tightening the belt a little too tight, but it's not what it could be.

I'm about 5'9" and 150 pounds with not much for hips. That's why the pack and belt design in the belt area is so important. It might work great for a lot of people.

The small improvements:

The bottom of the pack allows bulging downward and to the sides which makes it less comfortable down there. It could be designed to have a less-deep (from lower-back of body to front of pack) and more narrow (width from side-to-side) shape on the bottom to keep it trim in that area and force weight up higher on the back instead of hanging low.

Make the bottom compressible for small loads.

When using the cords for side compression, bulging happens if you're stuffing a sleeping bag. Not a big deal but it makes packing and unpacking a little harder. (Posted on 7/24/2015)
The best Review by Paulo
I absolutely love this bag - I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to avoid a 2+KG rucksack.

If I do not consider the weight, this is a very good bag, close to as good as my older non-light/ultra-comfortable bag of 2.45KG. However, considering the weight too, this is the best bag I have ever tried (and I tried a TON of different bags before deciding myself on this one - including that very famous one of 48~58L and 1.1~1.2KG which ends up hurting a lot on the shoulder straps).

Its weight is ridiculously low and yet it is extremely comfortable and has almost all the functionalities I expected from a backpacking rucksack. I used it to hike the West Highland Way Sep'2014 on full autonomy and I could hardly be more pleased with it.

Worthy of mention:
- It has very comfortable straps, both on the hips and on the shoulders. All very-light bags I tried were too poor in this regard and have strips that end up hurting you.
- The internal frame is supportive enough. Even though it appears to be way too flimsy, it gave the bag enough structure for the bag to transfer the weight vertically into my hips and not leave the weight hanging from my shoulders.
- The back padding is very decent, again being very comfortable against your back and also not hot and appears to wick/ventilate quite well.
- It doesn't have a bottom/mid access into the main compartment but it has all the pockets, areas, hooks etc traditional of non-light bags. I really liked the shoulder-strap pockets. The side pockets were just perfect in size and position (for me to access them without taking the bag off). And the mesh in all of those pockets were sturdy, stretchy and would let water through.

My only (very minor) dislikes:
- I didn't really fancy the closing mechanism. It is a bit of hard work to frequently unroll and unstrap so much stuff. Then again, I understand that's the way it needs to be without having a top lid. To be honest, this might be unfair, since I didn't really need to use it closed like that, I should have tried using it closed without «twirling» it.
- I really miss a compartment on top, which I can access with my hands without taking the bag off (usually a hat, gloves, map, lantern, sunglasses). The separate compartment that you can buy, the top lid, felt clumsy. It doesn't appear to hold itself well on top of the bag, appears only loosely attached, and made accessing the big compartment even more of a pain.

Great bag, once again. Thanks for this great bag, guys. (Posted on 4/27/2015)

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