Frequently Asked Questions

Granite Gear Shipping Policy

In almost all cases, your order will ship within three business days. If you need your gear sooner than this, please use one of our many online retailers that offer expedited shipping options. We are only able to ship to address within the US.

How does Granite Gear measure backpack capacity?

Granite Gear measures pack capacity using a method approved by the American Standard for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Most manufacturers in the outdoor industry use this protocol. Small plastic balls (the diameter is about that of a dime) are loaded into the pack until it is full. Then the balls are poured out into a calibrated drum to determine the volume of the pack.

The packs are filled up to the top of body, but the expansion collar at the top of the pack is not included in the measurement. Open pockets, such as the side pockets we put on several pack models, are also not included. Any pockets or compartments closed by zippers, like those that can be found in the lids of our packs, are counted in the capacity figures. – So, lids are counted in the capacity figures? (yes, lids are included)

How can I clean my backpack or sack?

The care for all of our sewn items is basically the same: hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent, rinse really well and air dry in a shaded location. Remove the framesheet, belt and shoulder straps from internal frame packs before washing. Sacks and packs will dry quicker if you turn them inside out part way through the drying process.

I love your products how can I get a decal?

We’ll be happy to send you a couple of our logo decals for your water bottle, bumper, helmet, etc. Just send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the address below and we’ll mail some out:

Granite Gear Sticker Request
2312 10th Street
Two Harbors, MN 55616

Donation and sponsorship requests

Granite Gear has long history of supporting human-powered outdoor recreation and environmental education. Unfortunately, the number of requests we receive greatly exceeds the amount we can dedicate to donations. We are not accepting donation or sponsorship requests at this time.

How can I find a Granite Gear online retailer?

If you are in the USA, simply visit the webpage of the product and click on the “Buy Online” button for some of our online retailers.

How can I get a new belt or shoulder straps (pack components) for my pack?

We make a variety of men’s and women’s hip belts for our backpacks and several shoulder strap options.Many of our dealers stock different sizes of pack components and will be able to set your pack up correctly for you.If you can’t find a dealer near you who has the components you need, we will trade out your unused belt or shoulder straps with you. Use this form to facilitate this: (Download form). New components can be purchased from our website. Click here to visit our Custom Components Page.

Component Exchanges

Exchanges for unused hip belts or shoulder straps can be made by one of the following ways:

  • You can download the component exchange form here: (Download form).
  • You can email with your inquiry.
  • You can contact customer service at 1-800-222-8032 ext 02

Does my product have a warranty?

Please review our warranty information by clicking here.

Can I return my purchase and have my credit card credited?

Please review our warranty information by clicking here.

I purchased this item at (retailer), can I return it to Granite Gear for Credit?

Please review our warranty information by clicking here.